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Enhance the quality of your life

Our palliative care services come to you wherever you call home, whether it is your home, a family member’s home, or residential care setting such as a nursing home, group home, or assisted living facility. We provide care during regularly scheduled business hours with 24-hour after-hours telephone support.


Who is eligible for palliative care services?

If you are a patient with a serious, complex medical condition, a patient needing assistance with symptom management, or a patient/family member needing emotional and spiritual support, palliative care is available to help you.


Who is eligible for hospice care services?

Hospice is provided at the end-of-life, whereas palliative care is ongoing treatment throughout a serious illness, without a terminal diagnosis. If you believe hospice is more appropriate for you or your loved one, please visit us at?Serenity Hospice.


Palliative services include:

? ?Symptom management.
? ?Disease-specific education
? ?Goals of care discussions
? ?Family/caregiver emotional support and assistance with navigation through community resources

Collaborating with your PCP

? ?Palliative care physician
? ?Nurse practitioner
? ?Social worker

Payment Differences

Most insurances cover palliative care as if going to a specialty physician.?

?For hospice patients, Medicare Part A covers 100%; most Medicaid plans, some private insurance providers, and HMOs have a hospice benefit.

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